Passport to Poland: Your Immigration Guide to Poland


Why immigrate to Poland? Well, it is a land lush with forests, including an ancient old growth forest bordering Poland called Białowieża Forest. It resembles what most of Europe looked like before the 14th century. The country contains 9,300 lakes, 23 National Parks and one desert. It is also a land filled with rich history, and resilient citizens, having been invaded or has fought for freedom in insurrections 43 times from 1600 to 1945. It boasts 17 Nobel prize winners, including four Peace Prizes and five in Literature, the most ever won by a single country.

So now you’ve decided to come and work in Poland. What is the process to work in Poland as a foreign national?

If you are a citizen of an EU member state you will not need to get a work permit. When you start a job in Poland you would need to agree to follow the same rules its citizens. However, you will need to get a temporary residence permit whether you are from the EU or not.

The good news is your employer that is hiring you will be the one that has the responsibility to get a work visa for you.

The steps to apply for a work permit in Poland are as follows:

  • Employer submit notification of vacancy to the County Labor Office. They make sure that there are no eligible Polish or EU national who could be employed in the same position.
  • The Labor Office then analyses the records of all unemployed people and job seekers. If the analysis determines that there are sufficient persons meeting the job requirements, the Labor Office will undertake its own recruitment amongst these individuals.
  • Remuneration proposed by the employer is compared to the remuneration that could be obtained in the same or similar position for similar work by the Labor office. These sums must be similar.
  • The County Commissioner will issue the relevant decision. If appropriate, the governor will issue the decision to the employer who is then able to apply for a work permit and temporary residence permit on behalf of the foreigner.
  • Employer begins application for foreigner’s work permit


  • If nobody can be recruited from the Polish unemployed and job seekers, within 14 days
  • If recruitment amongst those registered with the Labor Office is possibly, within 21 days
  • The entire process generally 3-4 weeks for approval, but may extend to up to 8 weeks.


  • PLN 50– in the case of application for a work permit for a period of up to 3 months,
  • PLN 100– in the case of application for a work permit for a period of more than 3 months,

Once the work permit is issued, one copy is retained by the Voivodship Office, and two are transferred to the employer, who is required to issue one copy to the foreigner.

Settling in Poland:

Once you have a job you will need to obtain a temporary residence permit. This will allow you to live in Poland legally even if your visa expires. A temporary residence permit can be obtained for any period, but not longer than 3 years. The application for temporary residence can be submitted at any time in a Polish consulate at your place of residence, or in a voivodeship office in Poland.

If you possess a temporary residence permit, you also receive a residence card, which becomes the official document confirming your identity during your stay in Poland. Thanks to the residence card, you will be allowed to register your residence at a particular address, and you will obtain the PESEL number, which is necessary to perform all the tax activities in Poland. If you needed a visa to enter Poland, once you get the residence card, you are permitted to leave and enter Poland without a visa.

While carrying out formalities concerning the permit, you can always ask your employer for help. Most of them are eager to support their foreign employees while performing official formalities.

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