Suddenly in Sweden: A Guide to Swedish Immigration


If you are planning to live and work in this Scandinavian nation surrounded by a number of islands, lakes and glacial mountains, you only need your valid passport – that is if you are a citizen of EU countries.

EU Nationals

  1. You can look for a job in Sweden
  2. You are also entitled to work here even without a permit.
  3. You can also bring your family as long as they have their valid passport and national ID showing their citizenship.
  4. If your spouse, domestic partner or dependents are not an EU national, they will need to apply for a residence card.

Non-EU Nationals (except Australia, Canada, New Zealand and South Korea)

If you are a foreign national from non-EU countries, with the exception of the countries listed above, and you plan to work in Sweden, you will need a work permit.

Requirements for a work permit

To qualify for a work permit, you must have received an official offer of employment from a Swedish employer. The job must also:

  • have been advertised in the EU/EEA for at least ten days
  • offer terms of employment that match those set by Swedish collective agreements or those that are customary within the occupation or industry
  • pay a minimum monthly salary of SEK 13,000 before taxes.
  • You must also hold a valid passport in your home country.

If you have been granted a work permit, your spouse or common law partner and children have the right to join you in Sweden to live. They can apply for a residence permit separately or as part of your application.


You will need to apply for a work permit before you can enter Sweden, however in some cases, if you are already living in Sweden, then you can apply for your work permit in-country.

  • Receive an offer of employment – which must have been approved by a relevant trade union.
  • Compile and submit your application – either online or through a paper application submitted to your closest Swedish embassy or consulate. Your completed application must include:
    – a completed application form
    – copies of the pages of your passport that show personal data, period of validity and whether you have permission to live in countries other than your country of origin (e.g. other visas or residence permits)
    – your offer of employment and the statement from the trade union
    – an application fee.
  • The Migration Agency considers your application and informs you of its decision. Submit data for visa and residence permit card.

** You must apply for an extension of your work permit at least 2 months before it expires in order to give yourself ample time to gather the necessary documents that need to be submitted. **

If you are from Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway etc.) you can freely live and work in Sweden although you need not to register at the Migration Agency, but you will have to register with the Swedish tax agency.

Swiss nationals can start working in Sweden as soon as they arrive, but they must apply for a residence permit.

For more information, or help applying for a Swedish work permit, contact us at and we will reach out to you within 24 hours.