Sweden- Your Guide to a Land of the Midnight Sun


Sweden is a beautifully majestic country that is home to ancient, lush forests, clear crystalline lakes, and picturesque islands that have been integral to Scandinavian culture since at least the days of the Vikings. The Swedish monarchy is one of the oldest in the world. It dates back a thousand years and has included 11 dynasties, with the current one, the House of Bernadotte, ruling the longest. Sweden is a country filled with history, but it is also dedicated to innovation, even having a country-wide program where citizens can enroll to receive an SMS when there is a heart attack victim nearby, allowing them to reach them faster than an ambulance and provide CPR. In 40% of the cases, SMS life savers arrived before ambulances and started providing CPR! Plus, researchers in Sweden developed a blood test that accurately detects cancer 96 percent of the time and classifies the type of cancer correctly 71 percent of the time. Amazing!

Now that you’ve decided you would like to immigrate to Sweden, and live and work in a beautiful country with such a rich heritage, and technical advancement, you probably want to know the process to getting there. Well, keep reading to find out how!

EU Citizens Working, Studying or Living in Sweden

As an EU citizen you have the right to work, study or live in Sweden without a residence permit. You also have the right to start and operate a private business. The right of EU citizens to stay in Sweden without a residence permit is called right of residence. You have right of residence if you are employed, self-employed, a student or have sufficient means to support yourself. If you have right of residence in Sweden you do not need to contact the Swedish Migration Agency.

When entering Sweden, you need a valid passport or ID card showing your citizenship.

You can move to Sweden without applying for any permit, but if you have family who are citizens of a country outside of the EU, they need to apply for a residence card. In order for your family to be granted residence cards you must be able to demonstrate that you meet the requirements for right of residence in Sweden through work, studies or with sufficient means.

As an EU citizen you have the right to start working or studying directly after arriving in Sweden.

To register yourself in the Swedish population, register and obtain a Swedish personal identity number, you need to contact the Swedish Tax Agency.

Citizens of Non-EU Countries:

Step one: a work permit

Generally, citizens from countries outside the EU must apply for a work permit to work in Sweden.

There are a few exceptions to the rule. Citizens of Australia, Canada, New Zealand and South Korea aged 18–30 can also apply for a working holiday visa for up to one year.

For employment that lasts less than three months, citizens of certain countries must have both a work permit and a visa. Also note that employees in certain fields may be exempt from work permit regulations.

Requirements for a Work Permit:

  • To qualify for a work permit, you must have received an official offer of employment from a Swedish employer. The job must also:
  • have been advertised in the EU/EEA for at least ten days
  • offer terms of employment that match those set by Swedish collective agreements or those that are customary within the occupation or industry
  • pay a minimum monthly salary of SEK 13,000 before taxes.
  • You must also hold a valid passport in your home country.
  • The offer of employment must have also been approved by a relevant trade union.

Extending a Work Permit:

If you want to keep working after your current permit has expired, you need to apply for an extension. If you apply before your current permit expires, you are entitled to keep working while waiting for a decision.

Citizens of Nordic Countries:

Citizens of a Nordic country have the right to freely live and work in Sweden without registering with the Migration Agency. However, you should register with the Swedish Tax Agency to gain a Swedish personal identity number.

Citizens of Switzerland:

Swiss citizens need a residence permit to work in Sweden for longer than three months. You apply for your residence permit after entering Sweden and can start working as soon as you enter the country. When entering Sweden, you must have a valid passport. Your family may join you.

International Students:

International students with a residence permit in Sweden can work alongside their studies. If they want to stay and work in Sweden after completing their studies, they need a work permit.

Permits for Family Members:

If you are a non-EU citizen eligible to receive a work permit, your spouse/common law spouse/registered partner and children up to age 21 (as well as children over 21 who are financially dependent on you) have the right to join you in Sweden. They must apply for residence permits, either as part of your application or separately.

Pay and Submit Your Application:

In most cases you must pay a fee. You can pay using Visa or Mastercard. When the fee is paid you submit your application. You and your employer will receive an email confirming that your application has been submitted. The Migration Agency will contact you if it needs more information.

Application for Work Permit for Employees:

  • Work permit- SEK 2,000
  • Extension of work permit within the same occupation or with the same employer- SEK 1,000
  • Extension of work permit within another occupation or with another employer- SEK 2,000
  • Special fees for certain occupations
  • Self-employed- SEK 2,000
  • Performer- SEK 1,000
  • Au pair- SEK 1,000
  • Athlete or coach-SEK 1,000
  • Youth exchange (citizens of Australia, Canada, Chile, New Zeeland and South Korea) - SEK 1,000
  • Visiting researcher- SEK 1,000
  • Trainee (through international exchange programme or agreement)- SEK 1,000
  • EU Blue Card- SEK 2,000
  • ICT permit- SEK 2,000

Application for Family Members of Persons Applying for or Holding a Work Permit:

  • Adult- SEK 1,000
  • Child under 18 years of age- SEK 500

Your application fee will not be refunded if your application is refused.

The Migration Agency Processes the Application:

For the Swedish Migration Agency to make a decision regarding your application, all the details need to be filled in and all necessary documents enclosed. This means that the processing time will be shorter if all the necessary information is included from the start than if information is added afterwards. Note that the Migration Agency may in some cases need to further examine your application even if you have included all the required information and documents.

Sweden is a gorgeous, nature lover’s destination to live and to visit. If you would like more information on living and working in Sweden and need assistance with immigration, managerial, or payroll services contact us today at info@got.international We will reach out to you within 24 hours to get your adventure started! We look forward to hearing from you!