Belgium: A Land of Waffles, Chocolate and Beer

Straddling the area between France, Germany, and the Netherlands, Belgium sees a collection of these three cultures. Belgium is a founding member and home of the capital of the European Union, located in Brussles. Because of this, Brussles is home to many multinational corporations and European institutions. Read on to find out more about the land of Belgium.


Talking Turkey: An Insider's Guide to Immigration to Turkey

Have you ever thought about working in Turkey? Located on the eastern side of the Mediterranean, Turkey has long been seen as a cultural due to its location straddling the borders of the two continents. Turkey has a rich culture filled with European and Asian influences.  If you would like to see what it would take to become a worker in Turkey, continue reading.


Highly Skilled Migrant Work Permits in the Netherlands

If you do want to work as a highly skilled immigrant, your employer will be able to submit a fast-track residence application for you before you even move to the Netherlands. Click through to find out more.


Perfect Fit in Panama: A Guide to Immigration for the Crossroads of the Americas

Panama is known for the Panama Canal which is a famous achievement of human engineering. The country’s capital, Panama City boasts modern skyscrapers, casinos and nightclubs which contrasts with the country’s colonial buildings in several districts and rainforest of the metropolitan park.

Find out how you can experience life in this beautiful country in Central America. We’ll guide to many ways you can legally work and live in this country on an isthmus.


Who's Hungary? A Guide to Immigration to Hungary

Are you planning to live and work in Central Europe, particularly in Hungary? Read further to find out how you can start your journey.


Suddenly in Sweden: A Guide to Swedish Immigration

If you are planning to live and work in this Scandinavian nation surrounded by a number of islands, lakes and glacial mountains, you only need your valid passport – that is if you are a citizen of EU countries.