Legal Gratification in Chile: A Government-mandated Profit Share

What is Legal Gratification, in Chile? How does it work? How does it impact payroll? We’re glad you asked! Legal gratification is a form of profit sharing for companies located in Chile. This is a government-mandated profit sharing service. How does one calculate the legal gratification? Click through to find out!


Perfect Fit in Panama: A Guide to Immigration for the Crossroads of the Americas

Panama is known for the Panama Canal which is a famous achievement of human engineering. The country’s capital, Panama City boasts modern skyscrapers, casinos and nightclubs which contrasts with the country’s colonial buildings in several districts and rainforest of the metropolitan park.

Find out how you can experience life in this beautiful country in Central America. We’ll guide to many ways you can legally work and live in this country on an isthmus.

Payrolling & HR

Family Leave in France

France has one of the most generous paid time off schemes for their workers. Whether it is for sick leave, maternity leave, or parental leave, French employees can be allotted almost a year off for pregnancies if certain criteria are met. This, in addition to a high minimum annual leave, means France has more options for paid time off than almost any other country in the world.


Contractors vs. Hidden Employment: Knowing the Difference

Hidden employment or “pseudo self-employee” is a tactic that some companies use in order to prevent paying the employer costs for employment.


Who's Hungary? A Guide to Immigration to Hungary

Are you planning to live and work in Central Europe, particularly in Hungary? Read further to find out how you can start your journey.


Suddenly in Sweden: A Guide to Swedish Immigration

If you are planning to live and work in this Scandinavian nation surrounded by a number of islands, lakes and glacial mountains, you only need your valid passport – that is if you are a citizen of EU countries.