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Self-Employment in Germany

Located in the center of Western Europe, Germany is a major crossroads both economically and commercially. Germany has the biggest economy in Europe and the fourth largest economy in the world in terms of GDP. It is also home to the 2nd largest port in the Europe (after Rotterdam) as well as being home to the European Central Bank which set the monetary policy for the Eurozone. With so much going on in Germany, it’s no wonder why it’s estimated there are up to 400,000 independent contracts working in Germany today.


Living and Working in Hungary

In order for a company to employ a foreigner in Hungary, the Hungarian company must follow a few regulations. The company must have a job opening posted for at least 15 days in order for unemployed Hungarian citizens to give an opportunity to apply for the job. After this period of time, foreign nationals may apply for a Hungarian work permit in order to apply for the opening. This permit is only valid for one company, the company in which the work permit is applied for.